A li'l game engine for Playdate.


Noble A li'l game engine for Playdate.
Noble.Animation Animation states using a spritesheet/imagetable.
Noble.Bonk Engine-specific error handling.
Noble.GameData Operations for game data / save slots.
Noble.Input A complete encapsulation of the Playdate's input system.
Noble.Menu An extended implementation of playdate.ui.gridview, meant for 1-dimensional, single-screen text menus.
Noble.Settings Operations for game settings / stats.
Noble.Text Text and font handling.
Noble.Transition An abstract class from which transition types are extended.
Ease Extensions to playdate.easingFunctions, aliased as Ease in Noble Engine.


NobleScene An abstract scene class.
NobleSprite An extension of Playdate's sprite object, incorporating Noble.Animation and other Noble Engine features.


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